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About C. Sharps Arms, Inc.

C. Sharps Arms Co., Inc. has been in the Sharps rifle business for over 35 years and more importantly has been in the business of producing some of the finest quality firearms available worldwide in that same time period. We are American owned and operated, and have been since our inception in Richland, Washington in 1975. With the relocation of our company headquarters and manufacturing facility to Big Timber, Montana in 1980, we have been proud to say that our guns, "were the first in Montana and the finest in the world." All our rifles are stamped with the original Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company trademark, "OLD RELIABLE." This historic and well-earned trademark is the property of C. Sharps Arms Co., Inc. and cannot be used or duplicated by any other manufacturer in the world today.

We have a simple goal at C. Sharps Arms, to provide our customers with a firearm of the finest quality imaginable, which will continue to show its beauty and craftsmanship, and hold its value for generations.

For the past 35 years, we have employed a select group of tradesmen and women who are among the world's most talented in their craft. We have continually improved our methods of manufacturing and quality of materials to best achieve our goal of unmatched quality. In our view and the view of our customers, quality does not cost, it pays.

In addition to our relentless pursuit of quality, we have continued to add rifles to our product line to meet the needs and desires of our customers. Starting with our first custom 1875 Sharps we expanded to our world class 1874 Sharps and Winchester 1885 Highwall, more recent additions have been our exquisite 1877 Sharps, 1885 Lowall, and the 1879 Hepburn. Beyond our rifles, we produce an array of classic metallic sights of the highest quality possible such as our Deluxe Mid and Long Range Tang Sights, our Soule Style Mid and Long Range Tang Sights, and a variety of globe front sights to meet our customer's many functional needs and price points.

In closing, our core values are simple: embody the words, integrity, quality, and patriotism. We welcome you to our new website, which will continue to improve and expand with more content being added to provide our customer with the best resources available. We cordially invite you to become a member of the C. Sharps Arms family and possess your own piece of American history.

John R. Schoffstall, President
C. Sharps Arms Co., Inc.

"First in Montana, Finest in the World - Copied by Many, Equaled by None"

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