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John and Zach w/ Zach's bull elk
Back in October of 2009, John Schoffstall, owner of C. Sharps Arms, and Zach, his son, paid a visit to Ken, Tammie and Brad Walters at Mountain View Elk Ranch in Riggins, Idaho.  Mountain View Elk Ranch is an exceptional outfit that offers fantastic hunting on some truly amazing elk.  Over the course of a long weekend Brad was able to guide John and Zach onto two exceptional bull elk.  Both John and Zach were shooting C Sharps Arms new model 1877 Sharps rifles chambered in 40-70 sharps. Please enjoy some of the pictures attached below of the hunt plus a couple of nice pictures of the rifles themselves.  There are few manufactures in the world that can match C Sharps Arms for the build quality of their Sharps, Highwall, Lowall, and Hepburn rifles and these rifles are but two fine examples of that statement.  

If you’re a hunter and would cherish the opportunity to take a shot at a magnificent elk, give Ken, Tammie or Brad a call (208-628-3803) or check out Mount View Elk Ranch’s website and schedule your next adventure. 

C Sharps Arms Custom 1877 Sharps

John and Zach w/ John's bull elk

C Sharps Arms model 1877 Sharps

The Lodge at Mountain View Elk Ranch

Bull elk in the distance at Mountain View Elk Ranch