Sharps Gun Builder
{ First in Montana, finest in the world. }


We want to thank our customers for a relatively successful 2011.  Times are tough and extra dollars are hard to come by.  We are commited to building the finest reproduction rifles available today.  With rising costs,  John has not raised our prices since 2009 and we will try to maintain pricing at this level as long as we can.  2011 brought many challenges to the company in terms of  production , and material procurement.  Our rifles are still made one-at-a-time and built with 100% American made materials.  Thanks again for your support.  Get out there with your friends,  and enjoy  our products.  You are our best sales force.  If you have a local dealer have him contact us concerning our dealer program.  Lets all have a great 2012.  Many thanks, Preston (Pete) Beal, C Sharps Arms