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American Sharps Shooters



    Mike Nesbitt, the Editor of "The American Sharps Shooters" magazine ,that we publish, would like anyone who would like to get an e-mail copy of the magazine send him an e-mail at:       We no longer publish a hard copy.   Pete mgr CSA

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  • 2012-2 Edition of American Sharps Shooters

    Our latest edition of The American Sharps Shooters is now available. Click here to read the 2012-2 edition .

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  • The 50-70-1 ¾ Sharps

    The 50-70-1 ¾ Sharps

    The 50-70-1 ¾ Sharps, more commonly known as the 50-70 Gov't, was one of the earliest Sharps cartridge rifle chamberings. Because of the standardization by the government as the first military cartridge in 1866, its popularity, widespread use, and availability were assured. Straight breech 54 caliber Model 1859 and Model 1863 percussion military rifles and carbines were converted to...

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  • The 45-70-2 1/10 Sharps

    By Chris Peterson for C. Sharps Arms Inc. The 45-70 Government cartridge was adopted by the United State Military in 1873. The standard service load for the infantry rifle was 70 grains of black powder and a 500 grain bullet. Shortly after this round was accepted by the Army, a second service load was introduced for the carbine. ...

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