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1879 Hepburn Rifle

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C. Sharps Arms is pleased to present the model 1879 Hepburn - originally produced by Remington from 1880 to 1907, and perhaps the last great rifle of the GOLDEN AGE OF SINGLE SHOTS with side lever, rebounding hammer, and very strong drop block action. All of our rifles will have the double set trigger system and pistol grip stock.

The Remington Hepburn 1880-1907

Designer: Lewis L. Hepburn

From 1858 through 1878, Lewis L. Hepburn made custom muzzleloading sporting rifles. The decline of his gunmaking business had caused Hepburn to turn his attention to related pursuits.

On April 24, 1875, Hepburn was granted US Patent (no. 162,473) for rebounding hammers on gun locks. Hepburn consigned this patent to E. Remington & Sons. On October 7, 1879, Lewis L. Hepburn received another US Patent (no. 220,426), this time covering a breechloading system that featured a dropping breechlock activated by a lever on the right side of the frame.

The 'No. 3' or 'Remington-Hepburn' rifles were introduced in a 'No. 3 Midrange' rifle for target competition - a sporting rifle with barrel sights as well as a long range Creedmoor target rifle.

As with all of our Sharps and Highwall models, the Hepburn will be fitted with Badger Cut Rifling Barrels and air dried walnut stocks.

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30" tapered octagon standard weight barrel, semi fancy walnut pistol grip, cheek rest with accent line, forend with ebony nose cap, accent panels at receiver, double set triggers, pack-hardened color-cased receiver and smooth steel butt plate, Soule mid range vernier tang and globe with apps and spirit level sights by C. Sharps Arms.

Other models will be available as a sporting rifle, long range Creedmoor and Schuetzen rifles, as well as a variety of options and calibers.

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  • My Sharps rifle arrived today, and I could not be more pleased!  Thank you for being so prompt in sending her my way, and for an apsolutely beautiful rifle.  I can't wait to take her to the range and see what she likes, but one thing for sure, and that is it will be a diet of cast bullets, and black powder.  Again......thank you so much.  Allen Campbell