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1874 Heavy Hartford & Long Range Sporting & Target Rifle

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This C. Sharps Arms Custom 1874 Sharps with double set triggers features a presentation grade of walnut with pistol grip, smooth scalloped bottom with ebony inlay, full pattern hand checkering, forend ebony nose cap.

The barrel is a 34" No. 1 heavy part-octagon with a Hartford collar at receiver, fitted with a C. Sharps windgauge front globe sight w/spirit level and interchangeable apertures. The tang sight is a C. Sharps Deluxe Long Range with vernier scale and windage adjustment on the staff. (Sights manufactured by C. Sharps Arms)

Finish: The action group and buttplate w/Grade IV engraving are carbonized and then stripped to French grey. The wood is a full fill satin finish. The barrel and sights are hand polished to a high luster and then brought back to satin finish.

Rifle weight as described is approximately 12.5 lbs.

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Recent Testimonial:

  • John,  
            The low-wall arrived today: she's beautiful and well worth the wait.  (Alright, the anticipation kills me!).  Although she has a heavy barrel, the stock gives her a slim look.  Thank you, she handles well and I'm very happy with the weapon.
                                                                                                                   Louis J. Talbot