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Custom Model 1877 Presentation Long Range Target Rifle

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  • Custom fit case - Model 1877 Presentation Long Range Target Rifle
  • Top view - Model 1877 Presentation Long Range Target Rifle
  • Bottom view - Model 1877 Presentation Long Range Target Rifle
  • Right side - Model 1877 Presentation Long Range Target Rifle
  • Left side - Model 1877 Presentation Long Range Target Rifle
Product description:

The Presentation Cased Rifles, with reserved serial numbers 77-001 to 77-025 are custom and individually built one at a time by master craftsmen and artists. They are in long-range calibers 44 & 45, with cases of 70 to 100 gr. (2 1/10" to 2 6/10").

Barrels, 32" or 34", are cut-rifled and hand lapped tapered round with the traditional Rigby flat, machined as an integral part of the barrel, finished to a high grade satin finish, engraved and accented with gold inlay and wire, and fitted with the windguage globe with apertures and spirit level.

Stocks are Presentation grade black and English (also called French) walnut, air-dried, with a full fill satin finish.

The Presentation case is of the finest quality oak and leather and is in itself a classic fitted to each rifle.

Also included are 2 custom turnscrews, one cleaning rod, one dust mop and oil bottle. The brass fittings include 2 engraved brass plates for personalizing with initials or monogram, as well as serial number.

Receivers are machined from hot-rolled 8620 steel and are thoroughly inspected and heat-treated. After carborizing, they are stepped back to a French Grey to accent the engraving.

Note: Our Presentation Engraved and inlaid with gold wire, as shown; initials or monograms may be added. The model 1877 is fitted with the traditional single trigger and long-range vernier tang sight.

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Recent Testimonial:

  • The Sharps that you folks built for me is just a prize:  it caused quite a stir in the gun shop.  Actually I felt dismissed for a while as all the sales staff passed it around among themselves before I ever got to touch it.  

    In many areas, gun purchases for sure, value received is at least partly percieved.  That begs the question:  Did I get $5000.00 worth of rifle for my $5000.00?  Absolutely, and when I'm able I'll order another.  I think that I spoke with at least 3 different persons at times I called your company and to the last, everyone was more than courteous and  they cared.   Couple that with a faultless product and everyone wins.  I hope that you feel the same.  It must be a good feeling to know that your rifles are in a league of their own.  Thank you to all of your team. 
    A Fortunate Man

    Dr. Mark Poston