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Model 1874 Boss Gun (Grade I Engraving)

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Product description:

The rifle features Grade I Engraving, XXX Fancy Walnut, 34" No. 1 Heavy Tapered Octagon Barrel, Deluxe Long-Range Tang Sight, Buckhorn Rear Barrel Sight, Globe with Post Front Sight and Hartford Nose Cap.


For the BOSS GUNTM the No. 1 Heavy Tapered Octagon is standard. However, the standard weight barrel is available at no extra cost.

Approximate weights

Standard Barrelled Rifles:

  • 30" at 9 3/4 lbs.
  • 32" at 10 1/4 lbs
  • 34" at 10 3/4 lbs.

No. 1 Heavy with Hartford Collar:

  • 30" at 12 lbs.
  • 32" at 12 3/4 lbs.
  • 34" at 13 1/2 lbs.

Full Tapered Octagon is standard. Optional Part Octagon to Round Tapered Barrel is available at $75.00 extra. (Half Octagon is approximately 11" Octagon and the balance Tapered Round.) We use only Badger Barrels with cut rifleing and handlapped.

Double Set Triggers and Straight Grip. Pistol Grip configurations are available if desired. Globe with Post in front and Rocky Mountain Buckhorn Rear Barrel Sights, Deluxe Long Range Tang Sight with Windage Adjustment. Other sights available at additional cost.

Choose your options:
Tang Sights
Front Sights

Price as configured:


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Recent Testimonial:

  • Just wanted to thank you for building one of the best guns that I own.  I purchased one of your 1875 target models, in 40-65  a while ago and I have over 2000 rounds through it.  Every time I shoot it , it brings a smile to my face.  It will group under three inches at 200 yards all day long.    Leon Kassler