Sharps Gun Builder
{ First in Montana, finest in the world. }

The C. Sharps Team

Since 1975, C. Sharps Arms has provided the finest single shot firearms available in the marketplace. Our select group of dedicated and talented craftsmen accepts nothing less than the best from themselves and for our customers. Our team of men and women, though small, encompasses a substantial breadth of talent and experience.

The C. Sharps Arms team

From our machinists and metal finishers, to our stockers, engraver, assembly crew, each individual is uniquely experienced and talented in their craft and it shows in their quality product.

Our team works at C. Sharps Arms because like few other places in the world, it is a company dedicated to the art of developing and producing firearms with the finest materials, the most excellent finishes, the tightest tolerances and the smoothest of wood to medal fits imaginable. With this dedication, our team developed a legacy for quality and attention to detail that will live on for generations with our rifles.

Quality does not cost, it pays.