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Quality & Reputation


Manufacturing process

Quality does not cost, it pays. In the firearms industry it is not the manufacturer that creates the reputation but the customers. Every week we receive a letter, email, or phone call from a member of our extended C. Sharps Arms family, thanking us for providing them with such an excellent firearm. We have not come upon this reputation by accident; instead it has been the pursuit over that past 35 years to continuously improve our raw materials and our manufacturing processes to produce a single shot firearm of the finest quality imaginable. Here's how we're doing it...

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Mark Grimm's trophy bison


Listen to what our customers have to say about their C. Sharps rifles

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Limited Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind every custom Sharps rifle that we manufacture.

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C. Sharps Service Policy

We are here to help before, during and after your purchase.

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